Girl A Go-Go Designs


I love to sew. I’m obsessed with patterns, colours and the texture of fabrics. I use up cycled materials in my projects because I like to see beyond “what is” to “what could be”.  It’s a challenge that I relish. It enables me to use my imagination in so many different ways, from conceptualization, to planning and prototypes, and, finally, to a finished product.

I get most of my materials from thrifting or donations from friends and family. I feel good when I can repurpose something so it doesn't end up in a landfill. And supporting local thrift stores is a good way for me to help those causes that are near and dear to me.

Because of the nature of using up cycled materials, most of my creations are one of a kind.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, I’ve added some products made with new materials, as it is easier to order on line. Once it is safe to do so, I will continue to shop my local thrift stores and yard sales in search of materials to transform into new items.